Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Why Don't Bad Guys Ever Win???

Ask me about my youth and I'll tell you of a boy who had a hard time growing up. A boy who at his core struggled with confidence and discipline. Ask me about being a teenager and I'll tell you my struggles continued, which led me down many a wrong path. 

Why don't bad guys ever win???

In my youth my struggles with discipline, parental guidance and overall authority quickly got me labeled. I wasn't exactly a bad guy but I wasn't winning either. 

My son asked the question the other day, why don't bad guys ever win? I wasn't sure how to answer him. Real life logic tells us that bad guys, truly bad guys, like bullies and politicians win all the time.

Then one day someone comes along... 

Ask me about my wife and I'll tell you that she's an amazing, beautiful woman. I'll tell you that after 13 years of marriage I'm still crazy about her.

Bad guys don't win in movies or in life because in the end they make bad decisions and wrong choices. Or maybe it's because they never meet someone that changes their life forever....

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