Monday, August 27, 2012

85 and Counting...

So one of my all time favorite bloggers Ducky at batcrapcrazy posted something that made me think. I won't go into her post, so just go check her out. She's funny.

Anyway, she posted a top ten list of sorts, and one of her items was something about not having an attention span long enough to actually finish a post.

Immediately I thought, that's me. You see lately I've sort of neglected the 'ol blog. Well, not completely. I do write. I just don't..well, always finish them. In fact I went back and looked at my dashboard and it turns out that I have 85 draft posts waiting to be finished or published.

Yep, 85.

That's a lot of writing. That's a lotta words just waiting out there in bloggy purgatory. I've got posts about former co-works and conversations had. About dutch ovens and the DW. Hell, I've even got one about the Penis versus the Vaj. Posts about how I have nothing to say, and posts where I can't shut up. Posts about clowns, being Hardcore, and dying.

Now I know what you're thinking, so what gives? Let's see 'em.

You see the problem is I get so caught up in perfection, or the belief that it exists, that I sometimes forget why I started a blog in the first place. It started out just like every other blog, as a platform to express my thoughts and opinions. Somewhere for me to speak my mind, rant or just share. But the problem is, I worry to much about offending people. I worry about traffic and comments. Oh sure we all say we don't, but we do. We want to be liked. We want to be interesting. We want people to read. Isn't that why we tell 'em we have a blog so they'll read it? And I worry about the content. Does it make people laugh, or is it just boring everyday life crap? Will people keep reading if it's offensive?

So you see, this is why I have a post about having crabs that nobody has ever seen. Or why my story about 6 dollars may never see the light of day.  

So that's why I have 85 unfinished posts just sitting there waiting to...

Oh whatever...



  1. If I had to wait on perfection I never would have published a damn thing. I just write and only worry about spelling - thank god for spell-check. Though spell check won't tell you when you use two instead of too. Or is is instead of is it... I just rely on the intelligence of my readers who have made the same mistakes to know what I meant to say. I do that for them. We are partners that way. So, dude, post the 85 and let the world know what you have to say.

  2. My problem is I start to write something and I get bored writing it. And if I get bored what are my readers going to think!! Ack! So I too have countless posts started but never finished. However, I don't even bother to keep them. I say go ahead and post ur 85. Just not all at once bc I can never keep up with my blog roll on a normal day, 85 at once might kill me. :-)

    You are a great writer. We are all here for a reason so bite the bullet and just let go!

  3. I have some unpublished posts for some similar reasons. Not 85, but some. ;) Yet, the raw and honest is what I like to read. Go figure.

  4. You made the right call leaving out the crabs post. lol. I clean mine out, but really if I get started on one I finish it. Just getting started is the hard part.