Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Horrible Bosses...

Through the years I've had a lot of different jobs. I've worked in retail, fast food, on a farm and in factories. I've bussed tables, picked up dog poop and mowed lawns for cash. I've been paid by piece, by hour, and by salary. So I've become quite the expert on bosses. More to the point, horrible bosses

I once had a boss who could never remember my name. He was close most of the time. In the beginning I'd correct him and he'd apologize, but wouldn't remember. After a while I stopped correcting him. I mean why the hell did I care what he called me as long as it was right on my pay stub.

I once had a boss who picked his nose and wipe it around his desk, or just eat it. I'm not making this stuff up people. I liked the guy well enough, and he liked my work, but I never could get past the nose picking/eating thing. I mean what grown man does that? He once handed me back a paper that had boogie on it. I near puked.

I once had a boss who was a gun nut. One Saturday he locked himself in his office with the lights off and a revolver in his hand. Thank goodness he didn't do anything stupid. It would've sucked to have had to work overtime because the boss killed himself. But it did make for an uneasy shift.

I once had a boss who would pick the ear wax from his ear and eat it. Again, not making this up. He would talk to you in normal conversation then nonchalant like dig at his ear. Then pretend to bite his fingernail. Sometimes he'd pull his finger out and look at the wax before biting his nail. Nice.

I once had a boss who drank on the job. He would sometimes come to work tipsy and about half way through the night he would disappear for awhile. An hour or so later he'd appear feeling better and smelling a bit.

So with starting a new job a few weeks ago, I'm sort of looking forward to some new blog material from this one. Stay tuned...



  1. Congrats on the new job, J-Tony. You could have made a few points with the booger picker by offering him a bit of yours.

  2. Yes, congrats on the new job. However, I just lost my appetite for breakfast after the boogers and ear wax. Who does that? In public no less? Ewwww

  3. Dude. Gross. What's with the people that hire you? I really hope this boss is better. Hmmm, actually, I take that back. Blog fodder is blog fodder. Even if it involves ear wax and boogers. :-)

  4. I have a horrible boss right now. I'm so excited that my contract ends at the end of November. Looking forward to your stories!

  5. I'm too grossed out on the weird eating fetishes. I will have to think of a comment later. MUST.GO.GAG

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