Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Funny and Witty...

Hey Lifers...

So today right before lunch I sent the DW a message asking her if she had any plans for lunch. She said she didn't and mentioned that we had leftovers if I was coming home. I informed her that unless she had something special planned for my lunch hour I'd just go into town and get something....I ate lunch alone. Below is the actual conversation we had later through IM.

Sent at 12:50 PM on Tuesday
Her: what you have for lunch? i'm having one of those steak n shake chilis. surprised that i actually like it.
 me: I had Shitdonalds
 her: yum
me: yep....I blame you
her: why?
me: because you didn't want to do it
 her: what else is new? that's not an excuse to choke down fatty donalds
me: i was depressed
her: i find it depressing that you drowned your sorrows in mcdonalds
hope you at least got a sweet tea
and fresh fries instead of soggy old fries
Sent at 12:56 PM on Tuesday me: I did get a sweet tea. and it is depressing that I have to turn to yucky McDonalds to
get some lovin'
 her: badabopbopbop... you're lovin it.
i'm slightly witty and funny today, right?
me:You see the big cycle of my depression. Now I'm depressed again because I had to turn to McD's...Oh yes your witty and funny...
her:i am. 
me: you get it from me
her: do not
me: yes you do.
I'm witty and funny all the time, some has to rub off on you
her: i've turned out 3 galleries since last night. and i'm gonna get another one out in just a few minutes. i'm a machine today!!!
 me: you are the energizer bunny....speaking of bunnies....
 her: omg. you never quit, do you?
 me: never. the day I quit is the day you'll know I'm terminally ill.
 her: i guess
me: so maybe we should go ahead and do it then because I'll be dead soon
omg. i just spit diet coke out.
me: that's because I'm funny...and witty


  1. OMG. I hate you. And I AM witty and funny. On my own.

  2. LOL! I think you are BOTH funny and witty...excellent team!

  3. Wait, are you really my husband blogging under an alias? Because I'm sure I've actually had this conversation before... LOL

    Yes, you are both witty and funny. I'm pretty sure she has some witty all on her own, too. :)

  4. This made me snort. If only I could post the texts between Irishman and I. I do sometimes and some of my closest friends I actually share with. I am afraid I would be run out of bloggerdome.

    Good stuff....you got good stuff right there!