Tuesday, August 5, 2014

You Think That's Hard....

Last week my son had to get his four front bottom teeth pulled. I felt so bad for him, but according to the DW he was a real trooper at the dentist.  

He's been recovering fine this week, but here's the thing. Everything and anything hard since then has been compared to getting four teeth pulled. Anytime somebody says something was hard his rebuttal is always. You think that's hard you should try getting your four front teeth pulled. Now that's hard. 

He's like that guy from You Can't Do That On Television that pops up out of nowhere and says I heard that. Except he always says. That's not as hard as having four teeth pulled.

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It doesn't matter if it's physical, or metaphorical. Anything hard, difficult, or straining is compared to having four teeth pulled.

This is horrible. 

You think that's horrible? You should try having four teeth pulled

This sucks. 

You think that sucks. You should try having your four front teeth pulled. 

I can't do this it's to hard. 

You thinks that's hard try having four teeth pulled. 

Looks like the DW and I better make sure our bedroom door is locked for awhile.....

...you think that's hard .....

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