Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Promotion Test Saturday

It's test day for my three ninjas. So many emotions. You'd think I'd be better prepared. I'm so proud of them. So nervous for them. Does it ever get easier? Watching them, knowing I can't help. Knowing I can't fix it or make it easier. I wish I could answer for them. Wish I could just do it for 'em.

The class is full. Every parent, and some grandparents come to watch their family member earn a new belt. The taekwondo Grand Master makes me think of Yoda as he speaks to the students in his broken English. He says things like, much appreciation you must give parents. Study hard you must. I feel like any minute he's gonna break out a light saber, or stop and claim he feels a disturbance in the force. He never does.

He asks each of them questions. Questions we've studied the last twenty-four hours. Questions I know they know. Each one of them answer correctly. The youngest struggles just a bit. The Grand Master let's it slide because the boy is five, and also because he's already cashed my check.

Soon they break boards. The boy is nervous that he won't pass. The girls are strong. They look like they could be the next Power Rangers. They break boards with their feet that should be used to build houses. I am proud. The boy tries to break the same type of board. After several failed attempts he moves to a smaller board. Finally success. I can see in his eyes he's disappointed. I'm saddened. I wanted it for him.I wanted to see him break the big board.

After class we talk. We talk about how its still very impressive for his age that he's breaking boards with his feet. We talk about next time. We talk about how proud I am of all of them. My words of encouragement fall on deaf ears. He claims he'll never be able to do it. I start to feel sad. I don't know what else to say. I don't know how to make him understand that he's five, and that with more practice he'll be able to do soon. With each explanation he gets more discouraged. I get discouraged. Then out of nowhere, he finally gets it as he says:

What's for lunch?

And with that, we move on.


Just Write


  1. I am thoroughly convinced that many of the disappointments my son has faced in life are far harder on me, than on him. :)

  2. Funny how those quick change of subjects seem to be what works best with the young ones. And like Two Normal Moms up there...I'm thinking its going to be a lot harder on me as life goes than on Lil Duck.

    Your pride shines through though so I'm confident they felt it as well.

  3. Thank goodness for the change of subject! Bud is the same way, he gets very discouraged if something doesn't go right or doesn't come easy to him. I can never say the right thing to help him out. Thank goodness for lunch!

    And I agree with Ducky, your pride shines through. That's the best thing for them! And I agree with Two Normal Moms, it's definitely harder for the parents! :-)