Monday, February 6, 2012

Perhaps I was wrong....

Ok so a little while back I wrote this post, Like a Virgin about the Super Bowl. More to the point, about the halftime show at the Super Bowl. If you haven't read it, go check it out.

When the announcement came that Madonna would be the halftime entertainment at this year's Super Bowl, I for one was not shy about voicing my opinion. I thought the NFL made a bad decision. I thought this year would fall right in line with all the other bad performances we've seen since the famous wardrobe malfunction of 2004. I thought this would be no different than The Who, Paul McCartney, or Tom Petty of recent years.

But....Perhaps I was wrong.

I'm not a big Madonna fan. Her music is just not my thing. But I thought last night she put on one of the best halftime shows we've seen in the last seven years, and here's why.

First the sound. Sure she lip synced the entire thing, but isn't the point of the show to sound good? Isn't that what we want, a sound system that lets you hear the words, hear the actual singing? And she did sing it. It was just recorded on the Friday prior to the show. But think about it. She's fifty some years old, you really think she could be dancing around the stage like that and sing a thirty minute show without getting winded? No way. I'm not fifty and I get winded when I'm singing folding laundry. I'll take the lip sync everyday of the week if it makes 'em sound better. Ever heard of Milli Vanilli? 

Next lets take the performance. While all she really did was walk around the stage, let some people pick her up, and thrust her hips a little here and there, she looked great doing it. I thought she actually looked presentable.What we didn't see was an old washed up star who looked more like she belonged in a half way house than at the Super Bowl. Now maybe it's because I've grown accustom to seeing old men like Mic Jagger and McCartney hobble around praying they don't break a hip, but I thought she looked great.

Speaking of the performance, her or maybe better yet, her people, did a good job of mixing in some of today's hottest stars. Nicki Minaj and MIA, LMFAO, as well as Cee Lo Green. At the time, I didn't know any of these stars, except the pudgy guy from the 7up commercials, but my clowns did. In fact I caught the boy singing along at one point.

And despite MIA flipping of the t.v camera off, the show seemed to go off without a hitch. So, ok maybe I was wrong.



  1. I actually thought the show was decent, too. Seems everywhere I read, people either loved it or hated it. I did hear someone say that Cee Lo looked like an Ewok, which made me laugh.

  2. My goal next year: Don't miss the Superbowl. Yeah, we kind of forgot and turned it on at the end of the 3rd quarter. I like Madonna (to be completely honest, I like 80's Madonna best but whatever) I'm sorry I missed the halftime show.