Monday, January 30, 2012

What's Trending Today???

So every morning after I get my coffee and sit down at my desk, I hop on my phone and see what's happening on Facebook and Twitter. Last week while doing so, I noticed that Thong Thursday was trending on twitter.

A few hours passed, and  I texted The 'Ol Lady, I'm not sure why I just called her that. I never rarely call her that, to her face. Anyhow, I texted the DW and informed her that Thong Thursday was trending on Twitter and asked if it was trending at the Palace? Bow chicka bow wow.

To which she quickly replied, um no, no it's not.


She proceeded to post our conversation about Thong Thursday on Facebook, and trying to be funny, possed the question, would I look better in cheetah, or zebra print? Of course I saw her post and we continued to texted back and forth about the matter for a little while. I know, productive day right?

Eventually our conversation led to this.....

Now that's funny......

No thanks, I think I'll stick to my briefs.



  1. Tit for tat! .... Or something like that *snicker*

  2. Clearly you both have a great sense of humor. :) Awesome.