Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Where Has that Hand Been????

Hey Lifers...

When I was young I had a very weak stomach. I'd loose my appetite if something gross happend while eating. Sometimes just the thought of something gross would make me gag. Of course this didn't mix well with an older brother.

So tonight I took the clowns ninjas to karate class and sat there watching as they honed their skillz. At one point the instructor calls out for the class to find a partner, a new partner, for some free sparring. Now my clowns usually stick to each other or to someone they've already met when told to find a partner so pairing up with someone new is not a strength for them. I watched the boy as he slowly wandered around the mat looking for a new partner. When a new kid walked up to him and asked to be his partner, my boy looked at him, shook his head, and said NO.

I was taken aback. The two boys stood face to face starring at each other for a few seconds. The instructor tells the class to shake your partners hand. The new kid extends his hand. My boy stands there. Again, shakes his head and says NO. I tried to get his attention to tell him to knock it off. I was soooo hoping no one else was paying attention to the two of them.

After the class was over and we were in the car I started in. I asked him what his deal was? Why didn't he what to be the new kid's partner?

His response:  Because he had snot coming out of his nose.

Well played Ninja, well played....



  1. Oh man, that is too good. (Eww on the picture - I'm SOOO glad we are out of that phase!)

  2. Well played! I mean, it totally sucks to be the kid to say no but yeah, I'd have to agree with him on that one!!