Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Daddy Hero

So we all have our routines Monday thru Friday. Work or school, followed by homework, practices, baths, a little t.v and bed. It was was pretty much the same routine when I was a clown.

But the weekends are a different story.

As a father, I feel that I have an obligation to be a  daddy hero, come Saturday and Sunday. Now I'm pretty much a daddy hero everyday, but we all know that during the week things get hectic. Monday runs into Tuesday, who knows where Wednesday went, and before you know it, it's Thursday night and you're just hoping you can get through the end of the week without putting a coworker in the sleeper hold. But the weekend is different. That's when we dad's get to be hero's.

On Friday night, you tell the DW to get ready because we're going out. And I'm not talking dinner from a bag here people. This is one of those, take your hair out of a pony tail, put on clean clothes and let's actually be seen in public, kind of nights. Now granted, this is usually followed by a trip to Chilli's, but hey it's something.

The heroism doesn't stop there either.

Friday night is followed by Saturday morning where dad gets to display one of his greatest acts of heroism. The Saturday morning breakfast. Now sometimes this can be pushed back until Sunday morning, but there truly is no greater act from our hero than when he scales what has become the pop tart mountain his clowns have been stuck on Monday thru Friday and saves them with a batch of his famous waffles, or cinnamon french toast.

Throughout the weekend, throw in some extra purchased items at the store like candy, a book, or soda. A wrestling slash tickle match here and there, and allow your living room to be taken over by Barbie and Star Wars with no grown-up t.v until after 9 pm, and you've become a weekend daddy hero

I love being a daddy hero.



  1. Yay for Daddy Hero's!

    Our hero activities this weekend included ice skating! Hero worship is at an all-time high! :-)

    Man, I could really go for some cinnamon french toast now!!

  2. Ah, the weekend breakfast. As far as our lives are concerned, it's always been even better than the family dinner.