Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My run in with the mob....

Back before the DW and clowns, I  had a little run in with the Mob. Well OK it wasn’t exactly a run in, and I’m not sure I’d classify them as Mobsters, but it sounds way cooler when I say I had a run in with Mobsters. 

Back then me and a buddy worked at the same place, and we managed to convince our boss that we needed to go on a three day conference in upper Delaware. Naturally, because everybody wants to go to Delaware for three days right? Look, for us it was a conference out of state. It was flying, good food, hotel rooms, and drinking, with maybe a little work sprinkled in.

So off we go.

Our second day there is when we ran into THE MOB. We decide to eat dinner that night at Applebee’s. I know what you’re thinking. Seriously, THE MOB is hanging out at your neighborhood bar and grill? But this was fifteen years or so ago, Applebee’s was the ish. Not to mention, most gangsters hung out in Delaware back then, I'm sure of it. That was their thang.

Anyway, we belly up to the bar, get some food and drinks and begin our night. there were a couple of old dudes sitting about two stools down from me. They were already pretty drunk and were being loud  when we got there. From time to time my buddy and I would listen to their conversations. They would say things like Kapeesh, Beef, and that they lost their shirt. Immediately I thought....Gangsters. They wore rings on their pinkies, gold chains and smoked like freight trains....definitely gangsters...

At some point in the evening my buddy and I finished eating and eventually struck up a conversation with Baby Face Nelson, and Machine Gun Kelly. Apparently they were hitting Philly in the morning to do a little, bettin' on the poniess, if you know what I mean. Or as they said, Kapeesh?

We sat there drinking and eating for the remainder of the night. They bought us drinks and told stories of how they traveled the country gambling, drinking and shootin' pool. There was even a story of Minnesota Fats at one point. After all, every gangster knows Minnesota right? 

Now maybe they were just old dudes having fun with a couple of wide eyed kids who hadn't yet experienced the ways of the world. Or maybe, they really were Mobsters and actually worked for some famous boss named Gotti, Capone, or Vinny.

Yeah... I'm gonna go with Mobsters.


Tell me you ever have any run- ins with the Mob?


  1. Have to say, I've never had a run in with the Mob. But I'm definitely going with Mobsters for your adventure. I'm sure of it. :)

  2. Yeah... I was married to it for awhile.


  3. My husband is convinced my family is Mobbed up. There is a particular picture of several male family members smoking cigars and looking very much like you describe in your adventure. I have to admit, I'm a little curious about it myself. But I'm sure if I asked they would tell me "not to worry my pretty little head" about such matters.