Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Does God Love Tim Tebow More????

Hey Lifers...

So by now I'm sure everybody has heard all the hype surrounding Tim Tebow. I mean after all there hasn't been this much talk about a white Bronco since O.J. was riding in one.

If for some reason, which I can't imagine what, you haven't heard about this guy, then let me get you caught up.

Tim Tebow is the quarterback for the NFL's Denver Broncos, and he's white, now do you get the joke?
Anyway, so all the talking heads out there said this guy couldn't play at this level. Said he really wasn't that good. Said he'd never make it in the league, said he'd fail, yada, yada, yada.

Well he hasn't failed. In fact last weekend he did what most people thought was impossible. He beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in a playoff game. And he did it by doing what the media said he couldn't do. He threw the football. In fact when the game was over and the Broncos victorious, Tebow had thrown for 316 yards. His average pass completion was 31.6 yards.

Oh did I mention that this guy is a devout Christian? Get it? 316? OK so now the media is having a field day with this. I've heard how it must have been divine intervention and that this kid has some sort of direct path to the big guy himself. Or whatever they want to say. 

Earlier this week, in one of my super important conversations at work, the topic turned to Tebow. A co-worker of mine mentioned how he hoped the Broncos lost this weekend because he was sick of how Tebow was always talking about God and pushing his religion. Which I think comes from the media not the kid.  

Anyway, as for me. I hope the guy wins. I'm glad he's doing well, and I hope he continues. After all it just proves....Football is God's game.

So tell me all your thoughts on.....Tebow



  1. If God does love Tebow more, I hope Tim is a Republican.

  2. TT doesn't push his "religion" he simply lives it. He is who he is without "shoving" anything in anyone's face. THAT'S what makes him so threatening to non believers. He is getting conversations started by just living and doing what so many in life fail to do in general.... He doesn't just talk he walks his talk. Heh... Talk about threatening!

  3. Yeah, my take on Tebow is that he needs to keep doing his thing and the talking heads need something new to talk about!