Monday, January 2, 2012

My New Year's Resolutions....sort of

Hey Lifers...

So I hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday's. We here at the Palace did. We spent Christmas visiting family, and for the most part everything was pretty normal. We spent NYE with the clowns watching Harry Potter until midnight. The DW made up some munchies and after we let the clowns watch the ball drop, we called it a night. Nothing too special, but everyone was safe and together.

So as I'm getting caught up on my blog reading today, I know I'm a slacker, I see everybody is posting their New Year's Resolutions. I even saw a few blogs out there posting top ten resolutions they won't be keeping. Such a great idea. I mean, who really keeps their resolutions anyway right?

Now I'm not a big resolution guy, because after all, resolutions are just a way of looking in the mirror and saying I suck. And since I don't like admitting my shortcomings, I don't usually make them. However if I did make a few, here's what I'd resolve to do in the new year.

1. I would resolve to be healthier. I would get back into the gym and start running again.
2. I would resolve to not be so anal about the cleanliness of my house.
3. I would resolve to care about the maintenance of my lawn.
4. I would resolve to watch t.v less and read more.
5. I would resolve to tap into my creative side more. More music, more sketching, more writing.
6. I would resolve to spend more time learning a new language.
7. I would resolve to be more organized.
8. I would resolve to be better with our finances.

But let's face it. I'm nearly forty years old. I am who I am, and I enjoy double cheeseburgers and ice cream more than working out and running. I like having a clean, or somewhat clean house, and if that means yelling at some clowns to get it, then so be it. And come on. Who under the age of 65 really cares about how manicured their lawn is? Now I will agree that I'd like to read more, and I would if only sports didn't get in the way. I've got the NFL, MLB, and NBA networks to go along with my four ESPN channels. Yeah right, like I'm really giving  up watching t.v.

Now I'd love to tap into my creative side more. More sketching, more writing, more playing guitar, but who has time with all the sports on t.v? As for learning a new language, hablo Ingles perras. And everybody knows that being organized and sticking to a budget is for those type A personalities, which I clearly am not.

So it looks like my new year will start the same way my old year ended.....yeah... I suck.



  1. My list would be VERY similar...except I would change #2 to read: I would resolve to be MORE anal about the cleanliness of my house. If you look up slacker in the dictionary my picture and a picture of my house would be side by side!

    Happy New Year!!!

  2. Can I say that legal?

    I'm just going to adopt the refrain from LMFAO....I'm Sexy and I Know it *wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah*

    Now see....that is so much better than "I suck" :O)