Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Best Gift I Ever Received...

Hey Lifers...

With Christmas just a day away, I thought I'd share my with you the greatest toy I ever received from the big guy.

I was maybe six or seven, I'm not real sure, but this was the greatest give I ever received.

It's a hand held electronic football game. It was pretty basic. The only thing you could see on the screen were little red dots. No pictures of players, no players names, no graphics. I remember playing this thing every waking minute I could. I'd curl up on the couch or in a corner somewhere and pretend I was playing out the games from the previous weeks. Yeah that's right, actually using my imagination.

Now I've received some pretty good gifts along the way as well, but as a little kid who loved football as much as breathing, this was the best, and unlike most Christmas toys, it wasn't lost after March. No way, I held on to this thing for years. It was by far the best gift I ever received.


So tell me lifers, what was your greatest gift...


  1. I had one of those, and absolutely loved it. My favorite gift was a guitar when I was maybe 4 or 5. However, it didn't come with lessons, or replacement strings so nothing ultimately came of it.

  2. My greatest gift is my laptop. I can blog on the go now! WOoo! Anyways... Happy New Years guys!

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