Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Smarty Pants...

Hey Lifers...

So somewhere after being a rebel without a clue, and before being a father of three clowns, I decided I needed to go back to school. In my earlier days I had always been one of these guys who just knew higher education wasn't for me. After high school I went straight into the workforce. At the time, I thought it was a great idea. I mean, I had a little jingle in my pocket, and I was away from my rents, what could be better? Well, turns out dollar bills in your pocket is better.

Like I said, I decided I needed to go back to school and get my degree. When I started my little school adventure life for me was completely different. I didn't even know my DW when I started. And the funny thing about going back to school is,  the earth doesn't stop spinning. Meaning, life goes on. Jobs go on, bills go on. Somewhere in there you meet the girl of your dreams, you settle down in a one horse town and before you know it you've got a family, and still no degree.

But, as so many before me have, I persevered. And after many hours of studying, papers, and sacrifice, I have completed my degree. This past weekend I participated in my college commencement. As I stood there in line I thought about the journey I was about to complete. I thought about all the people and experiences along the way. I thought about the years gone by and how I've grown since it all started. As I walked across that stage, with my parents and DW in attendance the feelings and emotions were overwhelming. I finally made it. I finally reached that goal. It is complete..... 

So...Now What????



  1. I was interpreting in a high school class the other day and the teacher was on her soap box about college. Somehow her heel broke (I'm thinking it was the uneven distributed weight but then I was being a little judgemental... I digress) and she veered off on into this alley about MRS degrees. HOW had I never heard of an MRS degree. Took me a full 5 minutes of interpreting to finally catch on to what an MRS degree was and that her girlfriend seriously picked the Texas college in search of an oil tycoon (and found one!). I can not even imagine. Not really sure what that has to do with your going back for your degree... but um...yeah... so... CONGRATS! *snicker*

    Oh look...a bunny....


    Why didn't we know this? How have you not been blogging about finishing your degree? College kids are wonderful blog fodder! :-)

    Anyway, a very big congratulations! I audited a class this semester and I was sinking fast. I don't think I could ever go back at this point. MAJOR props to you!! (And the DW because I'm sure she picked up your slack! :-))