Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This is Serious

Hey Lifers....

First let me say, yes you're at the right place. I changed up the blog look a little bit. Hope you don't mind.

Now usually I like to keep this blog light and amusing. Or at the very least, I like to put out content that makes you laugh. Sure the laughter is directed at me, but that's OK.

But today I have something a little more serious. Actually it's a lot more serious.

The other day I happened to be on my local newspaper website reading through some news when over to the right of the page a link caught my eye. It was a link to the county sheriff's web site. I clicked on it and another link caught my eye. This one was to view the registered sex offenders in my county.

I had never been on this site before. In fact I didn't even know it existed. I was able to plug in an address and see all the registered sex offenders within a two mile radius. Not only was I able to get names, but it also had their picture, where they lived, and what they were charged with.

I plugged in my home address, and was relieved to find that none of my neighbors were listed. I then plugged in a business establishment I knew of that was downtown. To my surprise there were 72 registered sex offenders within a 2 mile radius of that address. I couldn't believe it.

72. And that's just the ones that are registered.

So I did what we all should do. I looked through every picture. I checked every address. And I looked at every charge.

I post this tonight for a couple of reasons. One, as you know, I have clowns. I have clowns who go to public school. I have clowns who go to Karate class, and are out in the community. And because I think we should all be aware of who are neighbors are, and who's living in our towns.

Now I won't defend any of these people, but also I don't know them. I don't know their story, and I'm sure they all have one. But I think it's important for us not only as parents, but as members of the community to be educated.

I encourage each of you to go to your county sheriff's website and look this information up. Find out if someone you know, or more importantly someone your clowns know is on there. You may be surprised. I know I was.



  1. Great point. I think a lot of people don't know the information is out there. Our school district sends out a notice every time a registered offender moves into, or changes addresses within, our district. It's helpful but you get so much more info on the Sheriff's website. Glad you wrote about this.

  2. I've looked at it before, but not recently. In fact, not for a while. Good reminder.