Monday, December 5, 2011

A Day in the Life...

Hey Lifers...

So I'm finally feeling better. We'd been fighting the flu, strep, and just about every other nasty germ thing over here the last couple of weeks. So for the last couple days we've all been back to normal, and because of that I thought I'd grace you with some of my random crap today.

So while I was ill the last week or so, I found out that no matter how bad I feel, and no matter to what degree I puke in the middle of the night, my DW will not come check on me. Apparently, according to her, the volume at which I hurl is very apologies Luv. The next time my intestines decide to come out my mouth, I'll try to keep it down.

I  realized recently that Ellen Degeneres has got to be the best white dude I've ever seen dance. I mean, for a white dude she can really cut a rug.

Over the last few years I've become somewhat of a scrooge. Don't get me wrong, I love the true meaning of Christmas. You know, getting the present. But it's all the other stuff that drives me crazy. Getting out the tree and all the decorations. Rearranging the house to make room for it all. It's just exhausting. Not to mention the crowds at the stores getting in my way and on my nerves. I mean for crying out loud, don't people have better things to do on Christmas Eve. Not looking forward to that.

So my fantasy football team sucks bad this year. Last year I lost in the championship game. Every week I was glued to the t.v and watching scores. This year, I've won all of 3 games. Now here's the kicker. Tonight on MNF I've got two guys playing and need 21 points to win. Not unheard of. And not only will I win this week, but I'll knock the reining champion out of the playoffs. So it's a pretty big game for me to save a little face. So I couldn't wait to watch tonight. However, because Dish Network sucks, my Satellite has been out all day. The DW called them tonight and the tech support, if you can call them that, says we can have somebody out on Wednesday to take a look at it.

Well of course you can.....

Then the douchtard says, so other than not having a signal is everything else OK? Now let me see if I'm following here. Isn't having a signal the whole point of having Dish Network?

Oh yeah I'm extremely happy with your service, thanks....

Well Lifers, I've rambled long enough.


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