Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Blogaversary

Hey Lifers...

I'm sure you've guessed by now, based on the title, that It's my Blogaversary. Well actually, my Blogaversary has come and gone to be honest. But close enough.

I started this blog, A Day in the Life, last year back on Oct. 21. At the time I really had no idea what I wanted or expected out of a blog.  I really didn't even know anything about blogs, or blogging. I was stalking, uhh, I mean checking Facebook one day, and a friend of mine posted a link to her blog. I clicked on it, read her ramblings and loved it.

Suddenly I was alive. I felt so close to this friend of my, whom I hadn't seen in years. But it was awesome. She was funny. Entertaining, and inspiring. So I thought.....Hey, I'm funny, and entertaining. I should start a blog.

Seemed like a perfect fit to me. And here we are.

So I've been blogging for a year now. Wow, where does the time go? Anyway, I think we've all learned a lot over this past year. We've learned that my neighbors are crazy. We've learned that I still don't like Sunday nights, and I scream like a little girl when I see a spider. What's that? Oh I hadn't mentioned that before? Well yeah now you know... Hate spiders.

We've learned that my clowns are smart, funny, and all around awesome. Oh and that they're ninjas that will karate chop ya. We've learned that I can't dance. Well I can, but it looks more like a moose walking on a frozen lake than dancing. So for arguments sake let's just say I can't. I'm ok with that. We've learned that I am way uncool. This too I'm ok with. I mean really, at my age isn't it just sad to try to be cool? And oh yeah, how could we forget when I pee'd in the ladies restroom. 

We've learned that my DW has a way of getting what she wants, loves Target, polls Facebook before making purchases, and when she loathes something it means I'm getting a new one.

I've also learned that I have 74 followers on my A Day in the Life Facebook page, yet only 21 blogger followers. And we've also learned how sensitive I am about having blogger followers, and how much it means to me. Now most bloggers will have some sort of give away for their blogaversary to help build followers and traffic to their blogs. You know something like IF YOU FOLLOW ME ON BLOGGER YOU'LL BE ENTERED TO WIN A FREE GIFT IN A RAFFLE. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO TO BE ELIGIBLE IS FOLLOW A DAY IN THE LIFE ON BLOGGER. CREATE A PROFILE AND FOLLOW. IT'S THAT EASY.

I'm just saying....



  1. Doesn't everyone scream like a girl when they see a spider? And I really think blogging reinvents cool. Justsaying. Congrats on the bloggyversary!!!

  2. Belated Happy Blogaversary!

    You know what gets me? I have 28 followers and get about 5 comments on a very good day, but then I see other people who have like 15 followers and have like 100 comments on every post. What the what? (Saying "what the what" makes me sound cool, right?)

    Anyway, here's to another year! And another year after that!

  3. I scream like a girl at spiders... but then I am a girl :) But I also hate Sunday nights!

    Congrats on your year of blogging!

  4. I did become a follow, but you should consider putting up an email subscription option. You know, for people like me who have readers that are overflowing with chaos and prefer and email when someone puts up a new post! (I'm a little overwhelmed with my reader. Ahem.)

  5. LOVE your new background. I vote for this one to stay for a while. (Your blog is a democracy, right? I do get a vote, right?)

    Which reminds me, I've been meaning to play with mine. Perhaps tomorrow, when no one else is working and I'm bored to tears, is the perfect time to do just that!