Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bag On

Hey Lifers...

So today I'm starting my Bag On edition. This is where I will dedicate an entire post to bagging on someone or some thing. In other words it's my gripe post.

I can't think of a better thing to bag on today then  Pennsylvania State University. Otherwise known as Penn St. But maybe more to the point, the Penn St. football program.

As I'm sure you all know by now, Penn St. has been the major headline the past week or so for a child sex scandal involving one of their assistant coaches. If you haven't heard then where the heck have you been?

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about let me break it down for ya.

Jerry Sandusky was a Penn State assistant football coach for most his career. He spent nearly 30 years at the University. He was an assistant and good friend to the winningest coach in Division I football, Joe Paterno. And he is now being charged with sexually assaulting little boys.

I'll spare you all the details because it's gross and pisses me off. But you can read the entire grand jury investigation online, just as I did. Just type in Jerry Sandusky Grand Jury in your search engine.

OK so now to my Bag On segment.

Jerry Sandusky obviously has issues. Let's take him out of the picture for now. If you've seen and heard the news, you know that over the years there were several people who witnessed these acts. And a few of them actually did the right thing and reported what they saw. The report states that another assistant coach witnessed Jerry Scumdusky with a minor and immediately called his father to tell him what he'd witnessed. After speaking with his father the assistant coach notified his boss, Joe Paterno.

On a few other occasions, the Grand Jury report states that other witnesses and a few parents notified campus police and the coaching staff about what they suspected was going on. Each and every time, nothing ever happened. Oh there were times when the University's Athletic Director and or School President told Scumdusky that he wasn't allowed to do that... Yeah No Shit.

How can this be? How is it that everybody turned away? How is it that this thing continued to get swept under the rug? This abuse went on for nearly 15 years with eight different minors. And here's the thing. I'm sure this creep didn't just decide in 1998 that he was going to start doing this. I'm sure this started long before then, and I'm sure there are many more victims out there.

But the most disturbing thing to me is how everyone covered it up. Coach Paterno, the AD, the President. And why?

To win football games..

Because surely when something like this gets out, that someone on your staff or in your organization, is a child molester then people will talk. Prized recruits won't come to your school. Boosters' checks will stop rolling in. T.V revenues will go down, and the head football coach might loose his job.

As it turns out people did loose their jobs this week including coach Joe Paterno, and at least one star recruit did state he's going to school somewhere else. The ax has fallen.

Now I see these moron Penn State fans on t.v expressing how they love Joe Pa. How they support their coach. How they feel it was wrong for the University to fire him. Paaalease.. This JackTard covered up a child molestation scandal for years..TO WIN FOOTBALL GAMES....

Now I'm sure there are people out there who say, well he told the AD, what more could he have done. Hello...He's Joe freakin' Paterno. He was Penn State. What he could have done was demand that this ass clown be investigated and or arrested immediately. We're talking about kids here people.

Joe Paterno, along with the entire football program, has an obligation to not stop. To not rest. And certainly not coach football until somebody does something to get this DB off the streets. I'm 100 percent certain that the same JoePa supporters would feel differently if it was their child.

I am a sports fan. I have my teams. Teams that I loyally follow through thick and thin.  But in the end, they are just that. Sports Teams. It saddens me that as a society we've chosen to trade football wins for children.


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  1. I will take your rant to another level. All those ass-wipes who are protesting and turning over TV vans and stuff need to be identified and kicked out of Penn State. Why are they not protesting against the assholes who covered up the whole affair and outraged over the young boys who were sodomized because of the cover-ups. I love my football but it is an elective sport. It does not have to be played at the cost of the abuse of young boys.