Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Boy and Sir Mix-A-Lot

Hey Lifers...

So it's become apparent lately that my youngest clown is obsessed with butts. Now in the beginning of this phase, and hopefully that's all it is, however, the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree if you know what I mean, it started out innocently enough with him smacking the DW's booty every now and then. Ok, Ok so maybe that's my fault, so shoot me.

Butt lately he's become more vocal with his butt obsession. The other day he fell down and while clearly in pain holler'd my butt, my butt, my beautiful butt. Now at the time it was funny, BECAUSE HE'S FIVE PEOPLE, so we all laughed, which has only seemed to make matters worse. Now nearly everything out of young Mix-A-Lot's mouth is about a beautiful butt. My beautiful butt, your beautiful butt, her beautiful butt, it's beautiful butt.

Now maybe some of you are thinking, hey, I'll take the compliment. But hang on. He's now started throwing in...Your not so beautiful butt. You know like, Hey get your not so beautiful butt out of my seat, or move your not so beautiful butt. And just today, while literally staring at the dogs brown eye, he informs us that, the dog does not have a beautiful butt.

I'm just hoping this phase doesn't land me in the Principal's office trying to explain why my five year old told his pre-school teacher to move her beautiful butt. I'm sure that won't go over well.



  1. This made me giggle. 1. If I were his teacher I'd just laugh. I certainly wouldn't send him to the principal. Of course I work inner city and am use to waaay worse.

    2. I dated a guy many years ago who had a young son. One night at a BBQ I bent down to pick up a toy for him and he ran his finger straight up my crack while whistling and yelling "TAXI"

    I don't think you have anything to worry about :O)

  2. Since I'm a teacher, I feel as though I can help you out. If a kid told me to move my beautiful butt, I'd chastise him, but inside, I'd be rejoicing that he didn't say "fat ass" instead. So as long as your kid doesn't say, "...your not beautiful butt" to the teacher, he's golden.

  3. That might be the funniest phase a child can go through.

  4. hahaha! Look on the bright side, having your son tell his teacher to move her beautiful butt is probably better then getting a note home about your son having his pants down around his ankles playing with himself on the fish carpet during story time.

  5. This might be one of the funniest "kid speak" posts I've read in quite a while!