Monday, January 16, 2012

How to Kill the Mood......

Hey Lifers...

So tell me, have you ever been caught?

You know, caught by your clowns doin' IT. I'm not talkin' bout there's a knock on the door pull the covers up kind of caught. I'm talkin' bout covers on the floor, booty in the air, clown standing next to the bed kind of caught.

Well it happened to us a few weeks back. Talk about a mood killer. There I was doing my thang all Ron Jeremy like, and I look over and standing there next to the bed is our 5 year old. And here's the thing. I'm not sure how long he'd been there because he didn't say anything. First I was a little spooked cuz he looked like Macaully Culkin in The Good Son, standing there in the dim light. Then of course I tried to be all cool and play it off. Which is hard to do when your buck naked.

Turns out that he had a bad dream or something. After scrambling to get ourselves together, we got him back in bed and back to sleep.

The next morning, and a couple of days after, we hinted around to see what he remembered. Luckily he's not real sure. Or maybe he's just saving us all the embarrassment. Either way, that was a few weeks ago, and nobody has mentioned it since. One thing's for sure though, the door will be closed and locked from now on.

Guess we're not really helping this beautiful butt stage he's going through.


So tell me. You ever been caught?


  1. I don't mean to giggle snort... Really. Heh... It's Kinda funny but probably only because it hasn't happened to me.... Yet

  2. hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Oh that really sucks! No, we haven't been caught yet and I really hope we never do! I praying my super sonic hearing will pull us through! I can hear when they roll over in bed so any noise they make, no matter how small, I'm tuned into. I do have to say that does sometimes kill the mood but I'd rather have warning! :-)

  3. Did I mention...hahahahahahahaha!

  4. For all the stories I've heard, we haven't been caught either. But I can laugh, right?