Monday, October 3, 2011

Like a Virgin....

Hey Lifers...

Ok so the Super Bowl is in my hometown of Indianapolis this year. And as if things couldn't get worse for the image of the Indianapolis Colts, with Manning being out and all, but now the NFL has gone and announced that Madonna will be this years halftime act.


C'Mon Man.

Look, Madonna was cool back ten or fifteen years ago I guess, but besides kissing Brittney, what has she done that was relevant since?

Man, talk about a kick in the unmentionables. First the Colts suck and now our Super Bowl is gonna suck.



  1. So it's not cool that I still go around singing her 80's songs in my head (or out loud, whatever)? Damn.

  2. I hadn't heard until now, but that's lame. I picture her thinking she's too cool to do her old stuff, and only doing newer stuff (she has newer stuff, right? I don't know) that no one has ever heard. Yep, lame.