Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Catchin' Up...

Hey Lifers...

Ok so we've been awfully busy here at the Palace the last few days. As you may already know, we're getting ready to go on vacation. A real vacation. Not a stay-in-a-hotel-in-the-next-town-over-for-a-night type of vacation. I'm talking Disnley World here people. I'm talking about taking the family truckster across country, Clark W. Griswold style.Yeah we're getting excited.

On another note, the DW and I took the clowns to an orchard this past weekend. Hubers. This place was huge. It's a family farm, winery with just about everything you'd want.  I knew it was a big deal when they actually had people directing traffic to park. We had a pretty good time. We all enjoyed actually going out and picking our own apples. I hadn't done that since I was a kid. And because we couldn't just have one bag of apples and had to get three, we've now got apples coming out of our ears. 

Shifting gears yet again. 

Over the past weekend we had another flavored coffee moment. You know to celebrate the moments of our lives? Anyway, my youngest daughter had a friend call her just to talk. What? they're seven. What in the world do they have to talk about? But anyway, her friend called her and they chatted for about a half an hour. The DW of course got a picture of her on the phone. This was the first time someone not related called to talk to a clown.

Just last night that same clown decided she wanted to send Papaw a text. Again, her first. Soon after chatting with Papaw she said, dad I think we need a phone.

Who does, I said.

Me, E, and L she replies.

Yeah that's what you need. Just the other day the boy was running around the house with a pair of Underoos on his head pretending to be Captin Underpants.....

Maybe we'll wait a few more years on those phones Sweetie.


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  1. In MY day, I didn't get a phone until college. Something tells me it's just not going to be the same for my kids. Bud already told me he's saving up his money to buy a smart phone. We had to have a conversation about monthly charges. The best thing I ever did was teach him the word "expensive."