Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Can a box change your life?

We walked toward the car and there in a bush, almost hidden out of sight, was a box. Not addressed to or from anyone. Just an ordinary box. Or maybe it was anything but ordinary.

We noticed it and immediately began to discuss this simple unknown. We came up with scenarios as to what might be in this mysterious box. My thoughts take me to past movies I'd seen with similar story lines. A secret box or letter that someone is to afraid to open. Three or four people all with different views and ideas of what to do with it. A group that starts out united, but quickly becomes divided.

Sometimes the fear or anxiety of the unknown can drive people crazy. I even think about the mythical being Pandora.

We talk about what might be in the box. Ideas such as money, videos, death; material possessions dominate the conversation.

But what if it was something more? What if in that little box were answers? Hope? Love? Direction?

We left that day without ever opening or attempting to open the box, but I haven't forgotten about it. I haven't stopped thinking about how things may have changed had we made a different decision.
What if I'd taken a shot and opened the box that day? Would it have changed my life? Or someone else's life?

What about you, what if you saw that box. You gonna open it?

Just Write


  1. My curiosity is sometimes overwhelming. Does that make me nosy? I might have opened the box. (Unfortunately, our world has made it a scary place to go around opening unknown boxes or any other kind of package. But maybe with a long stick...) :)

  2. I always love the memories stories about random boxes triggers for me. Several years ago I had a friend who was unable to conceive. She and her husband prayed and prayed for a child. She would write her prayer on paper and slip them into a nike shoe box. Some time later a postman, walking his route, happened upon a shoe box. In that shoe box was a new born baby. My friend and her husband ended up adopting that little baby.