Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's Over...

It's over. My first thought is now what? How do we move on from this, more importantly, how do I move on?

We've been together for the last fourteen years and all I can think about at this very moment is myself. What am I gonna do? I know you have feelings too, but I just can't bring myself to understand those feelings, or pretend that I care at this point.

I know that our parting ways are for the best. At least that's what I believe. That's what I have to keep telling myself anyway. That it's for the best. I suppose only time will truly tell.
They say that time heals all wounds. But what about the self inflicted wounds? Does time cure those? They say that I'll forget about you a little more each day until eventually it will seem more like a dream than a life.
I know that life goes on and the sun will come up tomorrow, but for know I want to just sit and remember who we were. What we were.

And tomorrow? Maybe tomorrow I'll start thinking about the next season.

So good luck to you Peyton Manning, and thanks for being our Quarterback.




  1. Amen Jason. Amen! I am heartbroken in South Florida. :-(

    1. I know but, the show must go on....

  2. It's time for BASEBALL!!! Chin up friend....chin up :-)

  3. I was worried when I started reading. I'm with Ducky. It's time for baseball!