Sunday, April 15, 2012

Top 10 Things I Missed While in Japan

1. My wife. Obviously. She is my best friend and as the saying goes, she completes me. I kept telling myself, I wish the DW could see this. And I just missed talking to, and being with her.

2. My clowns. Naturally I missed them, but I didn't miss the arguing and fighting that comes with em, and Japan is not a place that they would appreciate. But they're my clowns, and I missed them.

3. My bed. Nothing says home quite like your own bed and pillow.

4. Food. Now I didn't starve in Japan and in fact some of the food was good, but it wasn't my type of food. No juicy steaks, no chips and salsa, no famous DW's Lasagna.

5. Grass. Yes I know for as much as I complain about cutting the grass, this one seems weird, but in Japan there's not much actual grass or landscaping.

6. Space. There are so many people in Japan. Everything, and everyone is so crowed. You're constantly avoiding running into people either on foot or on bikes. The roads, sidewalks, and houses are so narrow and small. Its nice to be back home where I can spread out.

7. Paper towels. Yeah, so in Japan they don't use paper towels in their bathrooms. Or hand dryers for that matter. Most everyone carries around their own hand towel, similar to a handkerchief in size, and that's what they dry their hands on. So for me I had to constantly wave my hands in the air, or wipe them on my pants to get them dry. Very annoying.

8. Baseball. Oh sure they have baseball in Japan, but its not American baseball, and I love the opening weekend of the baseball season, and unfortunately I missed it this year.

9. Mt. Dew and Sweet Tea. I know that's two, but whatever. I couldn't find a Mt. Dew anywhere. In Japan they have vending machines all over the place, stocked with tea, coke, energy drinks and coffee. Yes coffee. Hot coffee. Anyway, I never could find a Mt. Dew. And as far as Sweet Tea goes, nada. They drink all kinds of tea, but nothing like the sweet tea we're used to with lots of sugar. Their tea is really weak and has no sugar at all. Now naturally I didn't drink every type of tea they have, but that's just what I experienced.

10. Social Media. I missed sitting around reading twitter and facebook, and even my favorite blogs. Now this was more due to the fact that every night we went out sight seeing, and to dinner with a large group and just didn't have as much time as I usually do, but I still missed it.

J- Tony


  1. I didn't know that about the hand towels. While I dig the "green" part of that, it would get annoying to never be able to dry my hands! There really is nothing like your own bed and pillow :)

  2. That paper towel thing would have pissed me off!

    So where are your pictures?

  3. I'm pretty sure missing my mate would be the hardest part (as well as Lil Duck). Sharing life with them is what I live for :O)

    The paper towel thing? Weird. My pants would forever have wet streaks down the thighs.

    Oops...that sounded bad. You know what I mean though :O)