Thursday, April 17, 2014

Snakes, Friends and Crappy Cars....

Is it just me or does anybody else feel this way when you're arguing with your kid, and they say, I'm not talking to you anymore.

So last weekend I found this little fella in the back yard. The DW wasn't to happy.

I let the boy play around with it a bit. He thought that was pretty cool seeing the insides of a snake.

So my ride has a bit of a squeak to it that embarrasses the clowns. Now usually I just turn the radio up loud enough I don't have to hear it. But the other day while passing this guy, it hit me.

 All I have to do is drive next to a car that's a bigger piece of crap than mine and people will think it's his car squeaking. Whatdaya think? This car looks like it would squeak doesn't it?

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