Tuesday, April 29, 2014

There is no joy in Daddyville......

So last summer was a big milestone in my youngest daughter's life. It was time the training wheels came off....No really. I took off the training wheels on her bike. 

So throughout the summer she'd ask me to help her ride her bike, and I'd run behind her with one hand on the back keeping her steady as she pedaled as fast as her little legs would go. Up and down the driveway. Up and then back down we'd go.  After each trip she'd say something like let's go dad or come on, not realizing I'm slightly overweight and a lot out of shape. 

Well at some point she finally got it and could ride without the assistance of the fat old guy lumbering behind her. And as the weather broke this past week and my daughter, now a regular Evel Knievel on the bike sped down the driveway with a look on her face of both determination and pride, that said, look out world my daddy taught me how to ride this thing, her mother and I watched. And when she reached the end of the driveway she turned around, waved, and at the top of her lungs shouted ....Hi Mom.  

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