Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Here Kitty Kitty.....

So when I was a kid we had a dog. She was a little yapper, pain in the ass kind of dog, but she was our dog. And we loved her.

Then one day when I was maybe in the sixth grade, I came home from school and was told that my dad had run over her with the car and he had to take her to the vet, she may not make it.

I cried. I know, not very cool for the boy with the feathered hair, tight rolled pants and stone washed jeans right? Nonetheless, I cried. Now not only did I cry, but I hated my dad for running over her. As if it was his fault. But in my mind it was. After all it's always the parents fault right?

OK so I tell you that story to tell you this one.

We have a cat. He's strictly an indoor cat, but for whatever reason this cat wants to go outside. He's been neutered and still has his claws so aside from bringing crap inside like mice and bugs, there's really no reason why he couldn't go out.

So last Saturday night when the clowns were in bed, the DW came home from the store and needed a hand with the bags. Now me being the awesome hubs I am, I went out and gave her a hand. And while we were bringing the groceries in, the cat got out. She claims it was my fault. I'm going with the cat opened the door and made a break for it. Either way, it was on my watch.

So I went out and tried to get him back inside, but as soon as I'd get close, he'd take off into the field. So naturally I had to do what I had to do. Not because I care about this cat, but because of my dad and our dog. So I got my flashlight put on my shoes and went outside determined to bring back my kid's pet.

After a few attempts and scratches later, I was unsuccessful in bringing him in. I was convinced that he was gone for good, and I would have to explain to my clowns how Cat, that's sort of his name, was now gone and it was my fault.

It turns out that all those many years ago, my dad decided to save the dog. I'm sure it was against his will, but he couldn't have his kids hate him forever for running over their pet. She ended up living for nearly ten more years, and all was good. Last Saturday night around four in the morning Cat came back. I sprung up out of bed and let him back inside, because after all, I couldn't have my clowns hating me for letting their pet run away.

That cat just saved my tail....



  1. It's amazing how many of our parenting decisions are based on what our parents did or did not do--and then we appreciate them so much more. You're a great dad:)

  2. I'm sure glad you let us know the doggie was okay. That would be awful. I about threw up when I hit an opossum and it wasn't a pet or even a very well liked animal (plus it was already dead when I hit it but still)

  3. My cat got out on 4th of July one year. I thought she was gone for good. All the media stories about them getting scared and disoriented with the noise and chaos. 3 in the morning she showed up yowling on the front porch. Damn cats. I do love 'em though :)

    Better be careful - Cat has tasted freedom now...

    Daffy's comment - plus it was already dead when she hit it - I'm laughing at that. Because I'm the same way. LOL

  4. Our cat is an indoor cat and I'm always petrified he's going to get out. My kids would be DEVASTATED!

    Thank goodness your's realized life in the wild wasn't as great as he thought!