Wednesday, June 13, 2012


For those of you who may not know, let me just say for the record that I hate summertime.

I know. You're all thinking, how can this be? What's wrong with you?

Now to my clowns this time of year means catching fireflies, swimming in the pool, and staying up late. It's a time for eating smores, sleeping in, and sun kissed cheeks.

But for dad it's totally different.

For me it means wet  floors all over the house, because everybody knows that swimming makes you have to pee every five minutes, and they never have to go just a little bit. They always wait until they're about to pee their pants before they come in. Which means they don't dry off.

It means doors left open and bugs let in. It means more laundry because you can't dry off today with the same towel you used yesterday. And you most certainly can't put the same clothes back on.

Summertime means more money out of dads pocket too. It means buying  more potato chips, cookies, and popcorn. It means more housework because said chips, cookies and popcorn crumbs find their way onto the chair, couch, and floor.

And worst of all, summertime means loss of sleep for 'ol dad. With the addition of daylight savings time it now doesn't get dark until about 9:30. And since my clowns don't have to get up early, that means the DW doesn't have to get up early either. Naturally this means we all should stay up late watching Ant Farm, Jessie, or whatever happens to be on Disney. The problem with this is that only one of us has to get up at five in the morning. Guess who looses that battle.

Soooo, when does school start again???



  1. I get what you mean, except as a teacher, I have summers off too:)

  2. School stinks! Have ear plugs and blackout curtains on hand for the summer. Then you can go to bed early without interruption. :)

    I could deal with it all minus the bugs. That's just a no-go for me.

  3. My kids don't get to go to bed late in the summer bc I still have to get them out the door at the same time. The hard part is trying to get the kids to understand that they really do have to go to sleep when it's still "day time" outside.

    Good luck man!

  4. I just go to bed. Then again, my son is 17, so he doesn't really expect me to hang with him watching Disney very often. LOL

    The bugs, laundry and extra food? Well, you do have a point there.

    But I'm a summer girl, so I guess I'll take the bad with the good.