Wednesday, June 27, 2012

If only the Maid didn't suck...

So around the Palace things can get pretty messy what, with the Ninjas, the DW's business and my overall laziness, items like laundry, dishes, and general housework have a tendency to get put on the back burner or pushed aside. Ok whom I kidding, I just don't feel like doing 'em.

So because of this, and me being the awesome husband I am, I've hired a maid.

Oh I can hear y'all now, must be nice wish I had a maid. Or maybe you're thinking, boy he sure does take care if his lady.

But the thing is the maid actually sucks. I constantly have to go back and put dishes in the correct places or on higher shelves. I have to refold laundry, and I'm pretty sure one night we actually ate off dirty dishes, because the dishwasher wasn't run.

Now I know what your thinking here. The workload is just to much for one person, right? Well I thought about that too, and to compensate I've actually hired three maids for the summer.
Now I must admit, their wages are pretty cheap, but if the whinning doesn't stop I might have to end up firing all three of them.

I'm sure that's exactly what they want.



  1. Hehehe! I'm waiting for my "maids" to be old enough (i.e. not be petrified that they will break everything they touch). Maybe by the end of the summer they'll have it down to a science. Starting future career paths at a young age isn't a bad thing! Good luck!

  2. The maid I was going to hire for the summer went and got his arm put in a cast. From the tip of his thumb to his upper arm. All my plans of maidly things that were going to get done around here have flown out the window...