Friday, January 3, 2014

My Resolution

I'm not a big resolutions guy, but after the new year I sat down at the computer determined to blog more.  It'd been awhile since I really sat down and made an effort. But after reading a few blogs that I follow, I couldn't think of anything to write. So I pounded out a half-hearted, end of the year, top 13 of my most memorable moments of 2013. Spoiler alert, I could only think of seven, which of course I didn't publish. I quickly grew tired and before long was sitting in my chair watching a game. Soon after that it was bedtime for me, And so yet again no blog post. 

I've felt guilty lately not posting anything. Not going to Culver's, sitting down having lunch by myself and not telling anybody while the DW and clowns eat chicken strips at home kind of guilt, but guilty just the same. Come to think of it, I really didn't feel that guilty about my alone time at Culver's. Well I did, maybe for a few minutes. It passed very quickly though. Anyway, I've felt like I should be making more of an effort, but you know sometimes when you get in a rut it's hard to get out of. I guess that's how depression sets in. Nobody just starts out depressed right? It's a snow ball effect that builds strength each day, and before you know it you don't know how to break out of it. 

I realized today that I'm not always fulfilled in life. Don't get me wrong, I don't need talked off a ledge or anything, but I find myself more often than not doing the things I feel I have to do day in and day out, rather than the things I want to do that I enjoy. And I think it's rotting my creative brain

So my New Years resolution for 2014 is to do more of the things that I enjoy, things that make me happy and fill me up, that are just for me, like blogging, because after all isn't that what it's all about. 

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  1. That's a great resolution. And one I can definitely relate to. We all need to do things that fill us up with happy.