Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Training Day...

Sitting in a training session this morning for three hours was not on my favorites lists, but what are you gonna do?

It's a compliance training talking about price fixing, the Cartel, and corruption, and so far the only thing I can think about is how I'd to see Jackson or Clay from Sons of Anarchy sit through one if these things. I imagine a few minutes in and those two would have already shot up this room and curb stopped this lady with the microphone on their way to stealing everybody's wallet. Mostly because they can. Yes, yes, I know Clay died last season so please don't read this and comment that Clay died. I know. I also know it's a t.v show, and if I'm gonna sit here and wish somebody would come in and blow this room to smithereens it might as well be Jackson and Clay right?
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A few seats down a co-worker diligently scribble some notes on her notepad. I roll my eyes and think "give it a rest would ya". It's compliance training and your a grown ass women. Really? You need notes? I mean, lets just say a supplier offers you a hundred grand all in cash, for some new business. You mean to tell me you need to refer to your notes to know if this is acceptable or not? Come on lady.  

I think I hear the guy next to my pass gas, to which I want to immediately stand up, point my finger and shout, "that was him, he did it". Just in case someone else heard the same thing I did and has doubts about who it was. After all, I don't want to be thought of the guy who might have broke wind at the training. 

My stomach is growling and I'd kill for a cup of coffee right about now. Who has a three hour training withing providing refreshments? What's next, bamboo shoots jammed under my fingernails? Would it have killed them to provide coffee and a doughnut?

One thing's for sure, this isn't even close to the Training Day I had in mind.

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