Saturday, June 28, 2014

I am a Truck Guy...

Ladies, sometimes in a man's life, a force comes over him that he can't always explain. It's sort of like a testosterone jolt. It's just something that makes him feel manly, like buying a power tool, or building something. And when this force comes over him, he has to act on it.

A month or so back, I had this feeling, this man force, that was telling me I need a truck. After all, I've been driving a mini van for the last two plus years, and with the DW and I just a few payments away from having all our vehicles paid off, I thought I'd flex my muscles a bit, and let her know that; we WILL be buying a truck next.  

No we're not

Yes, we are

Are you retarded? First of all we won't be able to afford it because you'd have to get a great big thing that we all can ride in, and the payments will be more than what we're paying now. But let's just say you do find something that we can all fit in for our payment range, you won't be able to drive it because it will cost an arm and a leg to put gas in those things. (i love it when she calls me names)

Well, I want one. 

We're not getting a truck. What do you need a truck for?

You know, hauling things, getting mulch, stuff like that. Yeah, I know, I'm not helping my cause. 

So we're gonna get a truck so you can get mulch once a year? Besides, you're not a truck guy. 

What do you mean I'm not a truck guy, sure I am.

No you're not. What's next, you gonna go huntin' and fishin'. Gonna put the dog in the front seat with ya. 

Well I want one.

Keep in mind I actually wrote this post a month ago, just never published it. Long story short. Here's my new vehicle.

It's an older Dodge Durango and it has some rust and some issues, but we bought it outright from a friend so no car payment. Oh and guess what.....the BMV classifies it as... "A Truck"

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  1. Thank you for writing this. I have always wanted to write something down like this but could never quite find the right words. That is funny that you decided to go with the Durango. I was set on a truck for a while and then I went with an Explorer. I guess I just realized I would likely need seats.

    Jackson Kaufman @ Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport