Sunday, November 9, 2014

Something to believe in...

It's Saturday afternoon and tears well up in my eyes. Nearly 23 year have gone by but at times I still get emotional. 

I'm listening to the song Something to believe in by Poison and I get choked up. It's nothing new. There's something about the part that says, my best friend died a lonely man in some Palm Spring hotel room....I tried all night not to break down and cry as the tears rolled down my face, I felt so cold and empty like a lost soul out of place, that gets me. Every. Single. Time. 

You see it makes me think of my best friend some 23 years ago. He died when we were Juniors in high school in a single automobile crash on a rare night that we weren't together that year. 

We'd both been through some stuff growing up and our Junior year just seemed to be my turn. 

And now every time I hear that song, at that verse I nearly loose my shit as a ton of emotions pour over me. It's funny how powerful music can be. 

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