Saturday, November 22, 2014

Why I quit blogging...

While I never officially announced my retirement with a press conference or contacted the local news I did in fact quit blogging.

I was awake again last night at one o'clock in the morning and today I feel like I spent the night dancing with Mr. Brownstone. 

Not that I'd know exactly what that feels like but I imagine I'm close. My head hurts, my eyes burn and my body aches. I read one of my favorite blogs I realize why I quit, and why I'm back, blogging that is. 

He's not one of my favorite blogger's because he's funny or informative or even because of the words he puts to paper. In fact half the time I have no idea what the hell he's saying, but he is who he is. 

A long time ago I wanted to be an actor. It was fun to me, being on stage being someone different. Pretending to be the local store clerk, or the sheriff in a one horse town. I enjoyed the theater. 

But somewhere along the way somebody told me I couldn't make a life of it, or that it wasn't something cool kids did. So I quit. 

And somewhere along the way this became blogging.

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I didn't start A Day in the Life because I wanted to tell the world about my kids or about my latest project to lose weight, or how to craft. It wasn't supposed to be about funny stories or pictures of my vacation. Because the truth is, nobody cares about that shit. 

And that's what it had become. 

I don't envision being a famous author or an Internet sensation because of this. But at some point I'd like to be a person who can be honest and put my words and thoughts down without reservation. An outlet for the daily grind that a father and husband go through. 

I quit blogging because of the cliches of blogging. I'm starting again because I want to write. 

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