Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another One???

Hey Lifers.

So I'm a little behind tonight. Usually by now I've already got some awesome  post written and am just putting the finishing touches on it. But tonight we had graduation. Yes that's right, one of my clowns graduated tonight.....from Kindergarten.

Let me just say, and I'm sure you're all going to think I'm a heartless jerk, but I find kindergarten graduations pointless. I mean for crying out loud, we just did a pre-school graduation last year. Come on. The kid's gonna think she deserves a big ceremony every year now. I've now sat through four graduation ceremonies for two clowns, and neither of them are above the third grade. Doesn't it seem like overkill?

But even though I think they're pointless, she was cute, and it does make me proud, and a little sad.

So anyway, that's where we were tonight, and that's why I'm a little late with my blog routine
You see like I said, usually I've already scratched something out and am making my rounds to my fellow bloggers leaving clever comments for them all. So I'm off to get my fix.

So nothing cleaver, thought provoking, or really interesting for tonight's post, but as the DW says...whatev.


So tell me Lifers. Kindergarten graduation...Pointless, or a Must?


  1. Ooh... you'd better hope the little clown's teacher doesn't read this! haha

  2. My son "graduates" from pre-school tonight. Since it's kind of wrong to laugh out loud when the kid in the front row is picking his nose (Crap, I think that's my son!) I find them very difficult to sit through. Not to mention that his almost 2 year old sister will NOT want to sit through it, it should be a BLAST!