Monday, May 2, 2011

Today in History

Hey Lifers. So I took a little time off this past weekend from posting, sorry to disappoint.. The DW and I spent some quality time together all weekend. We were without clowns...thank you in-laws.

So yesterday was a pretty historic day in this country as I'm sure everybody knows. Now there aren't to many events in my life that I can remember exactly where I was when it happened. You know like some people remember where they were when Kennedy was shot, or when Elvis died.

September 11, 2001 however is different.

I was at home. I'd called in to work that day, and was snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug when my DW called me and told me to wake up because we were being attacked. Of course I watched every waking minute of the t.v coverage after that.

So last night was again one of those moments when people will say, do you remember where you were when....

Well for me it will be simple. I was again, in bed. And again the DW woke me.


So tell me Lifers, did you hear the news last night, or today?


  1. I heard last night via text. Then during the interrupted version of Celebrity Apprentice.

  2. The first time...September 11 I was working in an inner city classroom of a high school. This time? I was snuggled in bed with my 2 year old... heard my phone buzz with a text from my brother in law. I switched over to twitter - because its SUCH A RELIABLE news source...confirmed there was chatter about it...and went back to sleep.

    I'm pretty sure I'd much prefer to be snug as a bug in bed during major world events myself. Seems this was well played on your part.