Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to Be a Villain

Hey Lifers. 

So I mentioned yesterday how when I came home from work the little rats kittens now had names. Oreo, Blackbeard, Callie, and Spot. Nice.

So as I pull up the drive-way I see a cat hanging around the house. No doubt it's the HB momma cat. I mention this to DW and she suggest we put the newly acquired foursome outside in hopes that maybe momma will come back to check them out. The kittens are currently in a pet taxi so they can't roam around, but the thought was, maybe momma will come to them if left alone.

Not a bad plan I think, so I give it a shot. I take the taxi and place it in our front yard and walk away. I tell the clowns to keep an eye on it and let me know if momma comes around. Looking back I'm not sure why really. I mean what was I going to do if she did come around? It's not like I was going to go bustin' out the door screaming in my best getto voice, You dirty HB cat you left your babies in my garage and now I have to feed and take care of 'em. They's ain't even mine. Sounds like a Springer episode to me.

Nevertheless, that's what we did. So the clowns all gathered around the large living room window watching this pet taxi like they're waiting on a parade to go by. But, no momma cat. So one of them says something like, So what are we going to do if the momma cat doesn't come to get them. And I say something snarky like, throw 'em outside for all I care.

And that's when I went from super-awesome, fun dad, to evil  heartless, good-for-nothing villain.

Apparently telling three clowns that have fallen in love with baby kittens that you could care less what happens to them will bring tears.....Who knew?


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  1. This story about the kittens just keeps getting better and better. I love it.

  2. I'll leave you a nice lovely comment, although I'm sure the bulk of them will be from PETA! You don't throw little innocent, cute, smoochie-whooshie kittens out!...geeez...
    Can you tell I'm a sucker for a kitten? or a puppy...I'm not picky as long as they can fit in my hand and love me unconditionally.