Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Honked Off

Hey Lifers.

So I'm not a big road rage guy and I've learned, as time goes by, that some things are just not worth getting upset about. However, there are times when my ugly side comes out when I'm behind the wheel.

Now picture this. Let's say you're cruising down the highway and some DB decides to ride your bumper. So you kindly get over to let them pass, only to have them actually slow down after they pass you. Or how about the jerk who gets over in front of you, barely does the speed limit, and makes you reset your cruise control. Hey don't judge, young cool dudes use cruise control too.

Or what about when you're driving through town and custom license plate guy, you know the one, GR8DAD, or 8A4RE, or my personal fav, OU812 decides to pull out in front of you. Now I've gotta stop texting and pay attention so I don't misspell some word to the DW and end up with some  auto correct like these guys. I'm just kidding.... I don't care if I misspell a word while I'm texting her.

Ok so I would be justified if and when any of these happen during my drive home and I should happen to lay on my horn in an effort to let DB, Jerk, or Custom Plate Guy know that I am displeased with his actions right?

There's just one teensy tiny problem.....

sure looks like it should work doesn't it?
My horn doesn't work. Do you know how frustrating life can be when you have no horn. You can't tell people to stop picking their nose and go because the lights green. You can't tell them there's a yield sign there you idiot, and you can't express to them how it makes you feel when they don't use the turn signal jackass.

Maybe I should rephrase.You see, I do have a horn, if I put the fuse back in. The problem is it goes off randomly. Just picture being in the Taco Bell drive thru ordering your favorite chicken soft taco, or beef mexi-melt, and your horn goes off. And you can't stop it. Classy, I know. So rather than take the car in to have it looked at, I opted for the ghetto, cheaper fix.

So if you happen to cut me off, make me reset my cruise, or force me to misspell a word while I'm driving, rest assured that all though my horn hasn't sounded, I am honked off.


Leave me a comment Lifers.


  1. Many years ago when people did that to me when I was driving I would just flip them off. Now days I am afraid I would get shot!! Those were the good old days.

  2. Super frustrating!!! My last vehicle, a Chrysler Town and Country, (I know your jealous) had horn issues. I got so ticked off that I actually paid for someone to fix it and it wasn't that cheap but it made me feel better!