Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Bachelor

Hey Lifers. No this is not a post giving you updates or my thoughts about that ridiculous show with a dude, a rose, and a bunch of money hungry chicks. I'm not even sure if that shows still on t.v, but if you need an update on it, then you've obviously come to the wrong place.

No today's post is about me being a bachelor last night.

The DW is working this weekend, which consists of her being gone most all night last night, and then all day today. So she dropped the clowns off at the in-laws yesterday while I was at work. Now for some strange reason, my clowns would rather be at grandma's house then their own. I'm not sure if it's because grandma lets them watch t.v whenever they want and doesn't yell at them. Or eat whatever they want, and doesn't yell at 'em, Or yell at 'em to clean up their room. Or maybe it's because she doesn't duck tape them to the radiator like here at home....I'm just kidding people...we don't have a radiator.

Whatever the reason, they enjoy staying with their grandparents, and I'm glad they do.

So anyway, I got off yesterday, and the DW was already doing her thing, and the clowns were at grandma's, so it was just me at The Palace.

I bought a pizza on the way home and had dinner in front of the t.v. Now after dinner I could have taken this time to do a lot of things. My yard needs mowed, there's a mountain of laundry that needs attention. The clowns rooms are a mess, and I hadn't posted anything for a day or so. Instead  I did what every dorky bachelor does on the Friday night of a long holiday weekend.

I settled in to my chair, cranked up the Pandora, got on line and played video games. This one to be exact.

 Yeah I know, I'm a dork.


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