Tuesday, May 10, 2011

By Request

Hey Lifers.

OK so if you don't know already, A Day in the Life, is on Facebook. You can go here now and become a fan of my DIL facebook page.

So I'd been thinking that I should post my status more often on Facebook. You know like updates to posts, what's going on with me, whatever. Just something to keep followers connected right? So last week I did. Again, simple things. Updates like, have a good day, It's quitting time, have a good weekend. Things like that.

So the other day I posted on the facebook page how the kittens were no longer living at the Palace. Later that day I received a message from a follower exclaiming they couldn't get on my blog. In a panic I quickly checked for myself. I logged on from the Blackberry. No problem. OK, let's check on the laptop just for giggles. No problem there either. So just to be on the safe side, one last check, I ask the DW to log on as well. She does and no issues.

I replied somewhat puzzled that I hadn't had any issues, and maybe it was something they were doing? I didn't hear anything else from this follower so I assumed all was well.

Later that night I received another message on FB from this follower that they couldn't get my last few posts. So I quickly copied the links and forwarded them on. After all, I can't have a follower out there that can't get their fix right? So anyway, here is the conversation I had with my beloved follower via FB.

Follower... I can't get your latest post.
Me...I'll send you the link.
Follower... This is really pissing me off.
Me... Hang on....OK just sent you links to the last few.
Follower... I keep clicking on it, but nothing happens?
Me... Which one?
Follower... The one about the kittens at the Palace.
Me... Oh. I didn't post about the kittens at the Palace?
Follower... I click on it but it doesn't go to the post. Yeah the one where they don't live at the Palace?
Me... That's because there's no link.
Follower... Well link me up.. or whatever.
Me... There's no post. I didn't post anything about the kittens. It's a status update on Facebook.
Follower... Well then write about the kittens damnit. I want to read about 'em.

So, here you go follower, this is for you.

The four kittens that we left for dead in my garage by their HB momma are no longer living at the Palace. My dear MIL has taken them, and is raising them as her own. I'm happy to report that all of them, Spot, Blackbeard, Callie, and Oreo, are doing well.


Leave me a comment Lifers, apparently I take request.


  1. Who was the idiot that kept doing that on FB? I even know better than that! By the way thanks for finishing the story on the kittens. I am one of your biggest fans.

  2. Too funny! I just happen to have heard about that conversaion today. Aren't you glad there's always someone out there to give you good feed for you blog. Mom

  3. haha! Means you're famous now! Better watch it, there are some real demanding followers out there!