Monday, March 7, 2011

Birthday Surprise

Hey Lifers. So this past Saturday we spent the day at Chuck E Cheese. We celebrated Mini-Me's fifth birthday. He had a pretty good time, and got a lot of loot. Here's a picture of him in the ticket booth just before they turned it on.

Ok so quick think of a toy that will annoy a five year olds parents. If you said something that is voice activated you guessed right. For his birthday not only did he get one thing that's voice activated that annoys the crap out of his parents, but he got two.

Here's a pictuer of a voice changer that he received. Of couse he loves it. You talk into it and it changes your voice. There are about 20 different settings on the thing. Which means there are 20 different voices he can shout at the top of his lungs at his sisters in.
The other great gift he received is a talking parrot. You see he loves pirates, and what pirate doesn't have a talking parrot right?
 This thing repeats everything you say. Except it's about two octaves higher than your voice. So with two girls and a five year old boy yelling at this thing when it repeats back it sounds like a chipmunk.

But like I said, he loves them both, and that's what matters I guess. Maybe next year he'll get a baseball glove or maybe some clothes.


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