Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just Another Day

Hey Lifers what's up?

So the other day the DW and I are eating dinner talking about the clowns, particularly the girls who are in school. The DW mentions how smart they are. To which I reply, somewhat jokingly reply, yeah they get that from me.

Without even looking up she says, No they don't...

So I  like to think that, being older then her, I know a little bit more about the ways of the world then the DW. However, as much as it may pain me to admit, the girl knows her grammar like Rain Man knows his toothpicks. She is constantly playing word games on her phone, and is a great speller. So I know that if we should happen to play a word game together, I'm going to get beat. And that's OK because I know this going in. It's her thang.

So the other day we're playing this word game, sort of like scrabble, and she posts a word. I don't remember the word now, but I do know it was a word I'd never heard of. So I questioned her about it. To which she replies it's a real word, I Googled it.

Yeah she doesn't fight fair.


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  1. I hate playing word games with the grandkids...especially when they use, uh, English. I speak Southernese!