Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Madness I Tell Ya

Hey Lifers. OK so the first weekend of March Madness is behind us. Now anybody who knows me knows that I'm a sports guy. I always have been. But I'll admit, the last few years I've pruned my sports tree somewhat, I guess having three clowns will do that to ya.

But around this time of year I, just like a lot of other people, fill out my College Basketball NCAA Tournament bracket. And then, just like a lot of other people, after the first weekend I cry because of how bad I did. Now my crying is not only because I do so bad, but also because my DW always does so well.

Every March, the DW and I always fill out a basketball bracket. Now usually around here it's just for bragging rights, but we have filled them out for prizes as well. So one year the DW fills one out at her place of business, to which she ended up winning the whole thing. I think she brought home a couple hundy that year.

Then there was the one year that we played on the H.H Gregg website. Yeah she ended up winning a $500 gift certificate from H.H Gregg and another $500 to be used as a sports memorabilia store. We ended up bringing home a new t.v and a couple of signed baseballs. Yeah she rocks the brackets.

Which brings us to this year, and again we filled one out, and again, she's kicking my butt. So far she has 12 of the 16 teams left, where as I only have nine.

So the other night we're watching one of the games, you know one of those games that most people wouldn't have picked the underdog except my DW, and I ask her so why did you pick them?

Now before I go on let me explain the way I pick the winners,  my picks. Being a sports guy, I like to think I know a little bit about sports. I played sports in school, I watch sports on t.v. I follow sports. So when I pick my teams I go through and think about each team's strengths and weaknesses. I think about the conferences they play in, and I think about their best player versus who they are playing. So for me there is an actual process that goes into it.

So when I asked the DW how and why she picks a certain team, her response....I just pick 'em.

What? You just pick em? What does that mean? I don't know, I just pick 'em. I don't know why?

To which I explained to her how much that drives me crazy. You see, I actually try to put some thought into it, where she just picks 'em. I explained that I would not be nearly as upset if she told me something like...well I thought about who they were playing and the type of defense they play, or who the best play is on both teams, and that's who I go with. BUT NOOOOOOOO. She just picks 'em.......She just picks 'em.


So tell me Lifers, how are you doing on your brackets? Do you play? Is your spouse beating you?


  1. Ok so I just checked her bracket and noticed that she has Kentucky beating Ohio St. So I asked her puzzled. You have Kentucky beating Ohio St? Her response....I don't know, do I?.....I rest my case

  2. Rebecca Fly CouchMarch 21, 2011 at 7:58 PM

    those who know less about the season's scores, stats, and injuries fare better in March Madness... so we girls tend to do better, bc we just pick 'em. Just like we're usually right in an argument, and just like we're gonna get that washer because we know it's the better value. But back to your blog...

  3. Rebecca- thanks for stopping by. Its hard to argue with you.

  4. oh rebecca. you know i big puffy heart you, right? ;)

  5. Rebecca Fly CouchMarch 26, 2011 at 9:12 AM

    so J-Tony, who got to do the Winning dance at your house last night? :) I had UK too... we girls... we know how to pick 'em!

    d-wifey... big puffy heart right back atcha!