Friday, March 4, 2011

Very Little Inspiration

What's up Lifers. Happy Friday. Ok so I've been a little less then inspired with the blog this week. I blame the flu and all, so today I asked the clowns for some help. I asked each one of them what I should blog about. This is what I got. 

I asked mini-me. At first he said I should blog about my nose and boogers. Sorry buddy, done the booger thing, don't want to go there again. Give me something else. So the second time I asked, he told me I should blog about his hair. Ok. So I'm not sure I could blog anything important about my sons hair either. I guess that should be a lesson to me not to ask the five year old for blog ideas. Let's move on.

My oldest daughter thought I should blog about the cartoon show Mad T.V. Apparently they have this show on that is exactly like the old Mad Magazines that I used to read when I was a kid. You know the one with Alfred E. Newman. Hmmm. Not much there either.

So leave it to my six year old. She told me I should blog about how you and mommy got married. Good, ok now this is something I can use.

Ok so around this time back in 2001 my DW and I met for the first time. It was on a blind date. We had a good time, we went with another couple to dinner and a movie. The following weekend she cooked dinner for me, and we've been together every since.

Now I bring this up because my wife is an awesome cook. Now she thinks she's not, but I beg to differ. Here is a picture of tonight's lasagna.

So here's hoping this weekend will bring some inspiration for this blog. I'd hate to have to rely on the clowns again.


So who does the cooking at your Palace?

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  1. It's a joint effort. I don't mind cooking. My boyfriend is phenomenal in the kitchen and he's a great cook too! *wink*

    He reallly is excellent in the kitchen. I'm very lucky. We take turns catering each other's homes. Our kids love the variety.