Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Flu

Hey Lifers, still fighting the flu here. I have managed to make it in to work the last couple of days greeaaat. Is there a worse place to be when your sick then work? I mean at least when your sick at home you can lounge around in your Jammie's, moan and grown in my case, and just waller in your own misery. I found out, they don't like for you to do that at work. Not to mention the T.P here is like sand paper. No Puffs Plus, no sir, it's good old fashion industrial strength tissue. So every five minutes I'm rubbing some 120 grit along my snout being a mouth breather. By this afternoon I said screw it, and just stuffed half a roll up the right side and left it in there. Who cares if it looks like I got whipped cream coming out my nose, the show must go on.

But come on, it's not like I'm doing much work, truth be told. Yesterday we had an all day inventory, somebody might want to recheck my numbers, so that bought me a day. So this morning I surveyed my workload for the week and prioritized.

1. Things I can put off till the end of this week.
2. Things I can put off till next week.
3. Things I can ignore.

I think I may be able to ride this thing out, staring all zombified at my computer screen for the next few days. Now if I can only get the boss to understand.



  1. What about "Things you can con other people into doing for you"?

  2. Trooper Thorn~ Thanks for stopping by. Good Point. Didn't think about that one. lol