Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What's in a Name

Hey Lifers. 

OK so today I decided to do something sort of fun. I Googled myself. Now if for some reason you live under a rock and have no idea what this means, It means I pulled up Google,  and typed in my name.

My results actually were a little surprising to me. I guess I was naive enough to think that I was special and there wouldn't be very many people with my name. It turns out there were over 5.8 million references to my entire, first, middle, and last name.

There were so many people with so many different occupations and stories to tell. Turns out there are 32 of us on Linked In. Several of us on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. There are Attorney's, Musicians, Tri-athletes, motorcycle racers, chiropractors and a few bloggers, from all over the world. And that's just from the first few pages or so.

But you know, I never did find myself. Now maybe I would have had I kept searching, but since I was on my lunch hour, I didn't have that much time.

So then, just for giggles, I Googled my DW. Now as I've mentioned before my DW has a successful photog biz, so I would figure that I'd be able to find her pretty quickly right? That's correct. She was the first link to pop up, and actually her and her business consumed the entire first page. Wow.

So I guess that only proves that my DW is a rock star and I'm one in a million.


So tell me Lifers, you ever Googled yourself? Where you surprised by the results?


  1. and she works very hard at her SEO :) Google that one tomorrow

  2. Yes and No! About what I expected.