Sunday, March 13, 2011

What Toys do they have?

Hey Lifers, happy Sunday. So Mini-me and I went and ran some errands today. It was a nice day just the two of us. Of course for lunch he wanted to go to McDonald's, so me being the awesome dad I am, reluctantly I obliged.

Now this post is by no means a plug for McDonald's, but as he was eating his nuggets and reading the box they came in, it occured to me, is there a fast food restaurant that has better toys than McDonald's?

Now being a father of 3 little clowns, I've eaten enough fast food to be considered somewhat of expert. We eat McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, you name it, if it's quick and easy, we're there.

So for arguments sake, I wanted to see what some other toy's are right now.

First Wendy's is giving a Pac-Man hide and seek game. It's basically the shell game where you have three shells and you hide something small under one of them, then move the shells around and someone else has to figure out which shell the ball is under. The shells in this case are the ghosts, and the ball or object that you hide under the shells is a little Pac-Man. Ok so first of all, my clowns have no idea what or who Pac-Man is. Second, what is this? This seems more like something you'd see on the streets with guys huddled around a barrel fire than a kids toy. And it comes in a sack. Not a cool box.

Ok so first McDonald's has two types of toys depending on gender. Currently they are giving away Batman toys for boys, and Littlest Pet Shop toys for girls. These are toys that my kids actually will play with and enjoy having. And every now and again, the box has some punch-outs that they can play with.

As for Burger King, they currently are giving away Rango figures. You know from the new Rango movie about a lizard or something? Ok that's not bad. My kids would play with those. That's better than the usual paper puzzle, Where's Waldo cards, or activity book. Come on, who actually plays with those activity things anyway.

Alright, so Taco Bell doesn't offer kids toys, and neither does KFC or Arby's, although we don't go to KFC or Arby's very often. Maybe that's why. Man we really need to stop letting the clowns chose the place for dinner.

So no wonder he wants to go to McDonald's all the time. They have the coolest toys. But truth be told I hate all of them. So from a parents stand point, I could do without, but from the mind of a five year old that's usually the first question. What toys do they have? I gotta say, I think McDonald's has the best.


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