Saturday, March 12, 2011

Too bad Alice didn't have Red Bull

Hey Lifers.

Ok so you remember the T.V show The Brady Bunch? Well let me tell ya, I practically grew up on the Brady Bunch. Now I didn't grow up on the originals, that was a little before my time, but I can remember the cable station TBS used to run that show at like 4:35 everyday. And me and my siblings, I guess they were there, used to watch it every day.

So anyway, to my point. Do you remember the house keeper on that show? Her name was Alice. Ann B. Davis was the lady's real name who played her. I'm not exactly sure why I know that, but I do. You can look it up if you'd like, but like I said, I've seen about every episode. Like the one where the boys broke a vase playing ball in the house. Or the one where the kids built a house of cards, and Tiger, that's the dog, knocked it over, and the girls won. Or what about the one where Greg couldn't play football anymore so he became the school photographer. Like I said, I've seen 'em all. Ok, so back to the housekeeper.

This morning I was looking around the Palace, and I'd had enough. It was a mess. I decided after my coffee that we would do some spring cleaning. So I informed the DW and clowns of my evil plan. The clowns of course had no choice, but I was shocked that the DW was on board. As she proclaimed today, she's not a big fan of the process of having a clean Palace.

So anyway, we got dressed and headed to the Evil Empire to purchase some supplies. You see this was no ordinary cleaning. No sir, today was going to require a little elbow grease. So we got our supplies and headed home. But as we were at the checkout, I picked up a Red Bull. And not the normal 8 ouncer. Heck no. I went for the big one. The double shot if you will...Boo Ya.

And afterwards, I cleaned. And not only did I clean, but I scrubbed. I scrubbed toilets and showers. I vacuumed floors and curtains, and blinds and walls. I did laundry, and cleaned sheets and blankets. I mopped floors and cooked dinner. I straightened and organized. I couldn't be stopped, I was on fire.

So it got me to thinking, to bad that Alice didn't have Red Bull back then. I mean after all, she had 6 kids that she cleaned up after.


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